91 EZGO HELP !!!


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Installed new EMP Motor and 4 guage wires a couple of weeks ago and cart was working great. Decided to install the heavy duty buss bars this morning and.....problem !!
Cart will go in reverse but when I try to go forward nothing but a click when the gas pedel is pressed. I had made a diagram of the wires before taking them off the forward/reverse switch and have double checked them and everything is according to diagram.
Please some advice.....Pitt


Make sure the contacts in the cam are aligned properly. If there off just a little they won't make a connection.

Make sure the rollers on both micro switches are riding on the cam like they should be.

Here's a pic of how the contacts in the cam should be aligned. Notice how the flat edges on the contacts are parallel to the center hole. Make sure yours are.

Golf Cart Wiring Diagrams


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THANK YOU HOT ROD !!!! A picture is worth a thousand words!!
Lined them up just as in your picture and it works like a charm. You saved the day......I put a rear seat on yesterday and promised my Grandchildren a ride today....SO THANKS SO MUCH for your timely help...