91 EzGo General Questions


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OK so I recently picked up a 1991 EzGo Cart and had a few general questions;

1. 1991 EzGo carts were Marathons Right? (Only model available so that's what I have been calling it)

2. I am also assuming that the cart is a resistor cart. So it uses a resistor wiper setup to change speed (Similar to a slot car controller?)

3. Charging - I do not have immediate access to my charger, but it has a 12 hour timer - I do not believe it has an auto circuit, so what routine should I follow when charging? (How long, how often)

4. I will be upgrading wiring and bus bars, but if I intend to do a small lift and wheels (Not increasing size of wheels over stock) do I need to do any other mods because of lift (Yes I realize if I want more performance I do.. LOL - I guess I am really asking does a lift alone cause decreased performance? I know larger tires will change the performance)

5. Reference item 2 above - As this is an older cart, is their any recommended maintenance (Cleaning) recommended for the resistor wiper? (if of course that is the way it is set up)

6. Motor maintenance - I have not taken a look at one of these motors, but I am assuming they are serviceable - IE replace bearings, brushes ect. Is their a recommended set of maintenance that should be preformed on them? Grease / Clean / Brush replacement?

Thanks for the forum, looks like it is nicely setup, and I recognize the majority of the posters over here. If you need any help with IPB let me know.



Duane, Sorry you didn't get any answers here on your questions. I never saw this post until tonight.

1 - Yes in 91 the EZGO golf carts were Marathons. They also had some utility carts.

2- 91 could have been resistor or electronic controller.

3 - I believe the charger should have a auto setting on the timer knob.

4 - You should be fine on the lift. Actually I've seen many lifted carts run fine with the stock cables and buss bars. I like to upgrade the buss bars and cables myself. And if you go with a higher amp controller and hi torque or speed motor you should definitely upgrade all cables and the HD buss bars.

5 - 91 should have a pot box for the throttle 0-5k ohms

6 - The motors don't require much. They last quite a long time. All the internal parts are available.