91 EZGO 2-Stroke Low Compression after Rebuild


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I have a 91 EZ GO that I just rebuilt due to an oil pump malfunction that siezed the piston.

With it all back together it turns over just fine. It has about 60 psi for compression, which should be around 150 or so. The jug was replaced as well as the rings, head gasket and jug gasket.

It's got fuel and spark, but compression is low and oil injection is not working. Why is the oil pump not pumping when the crank is definatly turning it?

I recieved this cart from a coworker that had already had someone else tear it apart. I had him order an EZ GO Textron Service/Parts Manual which directed me on how it all went together. I mainly needed the manual to know which direction the piston head went on so I didn't mess up the transfer port. I'm pretty sure that is right as the manual clearly showed me the correct installation, so where else could the compression loss be?

Any help would be appreciated!