91 ds blows pulser coils 3times


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hi, i'm new here. i'm a mc/atv tech. i'm working on my nephue's 91 ds clubcar cart. he has been through 3 coil assys. it would run for a week, then quit. $$$'s & coil assy= another week and so on... i spliced in a pick up coil that was off a small racing engine like i build and it started up...ran perfect for 30min,then the flywheel rubbed alittle on the pickup&quit. so i put on another one with better care to clearence...now i have no spark...untill i let off the g-petel...then i get about 5 sparks...every time it will do this. also i was told that there is a freek ds only made for 6mo and that i may have one?any help? i build racing engines for mini quads[2 national championships so far] so i'll help anyone with 2 stroke problems or hop ups,thanks t.a.porting,tommy