91 36V CC Gone Crazy


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I have a 1991 36V CC with no mods. The old Curtis controller went out so I bought a Kelly KD36300. I replaced the controllers just as it was before. Except for the A2 lead which I bolted together. First night I could not get it to do anything. Found out that if I just barley pushed throttle the red light would come on (after about 2 seconds) and I could go. Didn't like this so I called Kelly and they told me to jumper around my micro switch. So that I would have power to controller at all times. Do that and all seemed to be working fine.

Yesterday I test drove it and noticed that every so often I would push throttle and cart would move a couple inches then click like the controller tripped. Remove power and all was fine again till it did it again.

Also last night every so often I would put it into reverse (foot no where near throttle) and it would take off in reverse full throttle. Would have to turn key off to get it to stop.

Kelly is saying that I need to adjust settings in their software and to put micro switch back to normal. Or my v-glide is bad. But find a 36v source that is controlled by key to put on power input. Could someone please give me some help on this. Its getting very frustrating.

Also when I turn the key on I get 36v on both big lugs of the solenoid. Is this correct or do I have a bad solenoid?Thanks,


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I would start with replacing the bad micro switch and go from there. If that doesn't fix it you may need the solenoid also...