90 Club car


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Just purchased a 1990 gas club car. It felt like it had a flat spot in the starter. While I had the starter apart I retooled the armiture and installed new brushes. After that I had the starter checked and it turns out the starter has plenty of power. When the starter is in the cart it still acts like it is weak but there is no flat spot. I have installed a new battery, new ground cable, and it still has trouble rolling over the compression. I tried jumping the solinoid it does not seem to help. Are there any other type of starter relays on the cart or does anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be. It seems like it may not getting enough amperage. Is there a compression release on this motor? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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did you put the right brushes in? they make 2 sets 1 set for C.W. rotation and a set forC.C.W. rotation................................................