90 club car 36v resistor


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New motor in cart goes faster but lost reverse torque.I think motor is AMD no tag on motor???
Cart would not back up ramp of trailer or over a curb. moved rev cable from f&r switch from 3rd battery(18v) to 6th battery (36v) now cart will back over curbs.CAUTION- also will go as fast in reverse as forward. But this fixed my problem.

Does this sound correct: on motor
S1- f&r switch passenger side
A1- f&r switch rocker passenger side
A2- resistor coils
S2- battery ground


Depending on the type of motor some will run like a dog in reverse if you keep it running on 18 volts. You did the right thing by moving cable. It will be fine that way...


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they are setup for 1/2 speed reverse and you kinda bypassed it but as long as your careful should be ok.........reverse should run off 18 volts but you can run it off 36 volts its just as fast backwards as forwards....................................


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You do have options from the 18 volts you stated, you have 6 volt batteries so 18 volts are 3 batteries you could hook it up to 4 batteries @ 24 volts and also 5 batteries @ 30 volts and you are now on 6 batteries @ 36 volts. so you can throttle down some and still have lots more power than 18 volts.

good luck