89 ezgo starts sometimes


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First of all....thank god i found this site....i have been beating my head against the wall for the last two months on my cart. A freind of mine suggested I come to your site and post my question(you all have helped him with his cart issues in the past). I have an 89 ezgo and for some reason periodically it won't start. You press on the gas pedal and it acts like it wants to start and run and won't. You can let it sit there for several minutes and it will then finally take off(while I am depressing the gas at the same time). It is progressively doing it more and more. My thought is coil but I am not sure why that would cause it not to start like that. Also there are times then when I am driving it and let off the gas it will backfire. Any suggestions? Could it be the ignitor?


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Check your connections on the connectors from the igniter and all you grounds.

The backfiring may be the throttle cable adjustment. Make sure the carb closed all the way just before the micro switch clicks. If the throttle is staying open after the micro clicks it will cause a backfire...