88 EZGO Gas Golf Cart Need Lots of Help


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Ok here we go.

This EZGO gas golf cart has been more of a headache then I would have ever thought and I need lots of help. Apparently the 1988 is some sort of one off model. I am praying that you guys can help me out with my questions.

Next is the belt drive. Do you know why this is so loose? IT almost hangs to the ground and I can touch the belt completely together.

Now for the hub. I guess it is a hub?
I am guessing that centrifugal force pushes out the three little arms and tightens the drive belt? If that is incorrect please inform me.

My question is....
Is this what it is supposed to look like? Those things that fell out of it when I took it apart aren't burned out rollers or something are they?

Do any of you know where a microfiche is for parts on this thing? I would like to see if I am missing anything and be able to order parts if need be.

I cannot find a site that has a microfiche on the 1988 EZGO gasser for parts.

also, What size battery does this take? It did not come with one

Anything you all can answer will be helpful to me.


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I'm not sure what came out of the drive clutch? it looks like the belt is loose because the driven clutch on the axle is stuck open, allowing the belt to ride in the bottom of the sheave, the belt should be at the top of the driven when stopped. it may also be the wrong size belt? hard to tell by the picture.

88 to 93 2 cycles use many of the same parts


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see if you can take a picture of the driven clutch where the belt rides as well as the spring and maybe we can get a better idea of whats going on


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i just happened to run across this new drive clutch on e-bay, not saying you need one! jus sayn'

not many new ones out there anymore for the older carts


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As far as batteries go, it just takes a regular cranking type 12 volt car battery. Don't use a deep cycle marine type. I just bought a 1980 marathon and had to put a battery in it. It is really hard to beat Costco car batteries. I did my research and they have solid quality with a good price tag. (I don't have an investment in Costco, i'm just happy with the results of my research)

As far as belts go for a 1988. I have a list here that says an 1988 should use a 1-3/16" x 45-1/2" OD. Don't know if you need a new belt, but the info might be handy if you do.