88 2pg


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Hi all need help on 88 2pg 24mm carb. adjustment. Can someone tell me how to set the float and any other adjustments I need to check my took the carb. apart and cleaned it. I think it might be out of adjustment. Please help toreed47


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not sure which carb that is but on my 295cc ezgo 4 stroke carb the float is correctly set if you hold the
carb upside down and the float should be a 32 inch to a 16th inch above level on the end thats sticks up
when upside down..
make sure both sides of the float are the same or it will(float)on the lower side..gotta be level
with each other.
on mine there only one adjustment and that the (pilot screw)if its like mine it will have a plastic tall
cap tworward the motor side up top and you can pull the cap up and off to adjust the air flow
and tune it when its jacked up and running to get it perfect..
hope this may help...
you can look at diffrent manuals in the archives also,john