88 2 stroke gas


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I bought a 1988 EZGO in fair condition, I am attempting to restore it but what nobody seems to be able to answer is do these have points and condensor. It ran when I bought it but it has sat over the winter and I get no fire at the spark plug. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions that you might have. we have old farm tractors and in keeping with the old part we bought the cart for transportation at the shows.


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your engine does not have points, an ignitor is used. i would try a new spark plug first and if that doesn't help move on to the plug wire or coil. if all fails the ignitor is most likely the problem.


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thanks, I found out it was the coil. I also found out that in a pinch an old car 12 volt coil will work, the replacement is $85.00 the car coil was $5 at the junk yard and it runs fine.