87 gas clubcar


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cart quits 5min after running, somtimes will idle but no rpms. if you let cool down it will go again. where is rpm limiter and if you disconnect will the cart still run. also when it quits there is no spark with brand new plug. just trying to figure out if it is the ignitor, coil, rev limiter or somthing else. there is no fuel problem.


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I think a closer look is worth the effort, I suspect hard engine problem. Valve lash too tight and if it has clicking noise the rod is going south. We has a small fleet,,, sometimes its just not what you think, so easy to jump to other conclusions. Run a comp test hot.


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if your losing spark its eith the coil or the exitor coil.....and if you have an RMP limitor.......the limitor will be mounted on top of the coil which is mounted drivers side rear on flywheel cover the exitor coil is mounted in same area but underneath the flywheel cover......they are what controls spark but as to which one might be bad thats a crapshoot and there is no real way to bench test them other than replacing with known good parts..........................