87 ezgo

Pauly 318

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new to the forum. got a 87 ezgo for free somebody wanted out of there yard. after cleanin the carb and the bees nest out of the muffler and fresh gas fired right up. problem i got is when im driving theres a grinding going on in either the wheels or in the engine dept. also when you let off the gas going fast it gets louder and grabs the cart jerking it slowin it down pulsating. in neutral going down a hill it doesnt at all. im thinkin the belt or the clutch is screwed up . i noticed on the clutch theres these little buttons or stops on the end of the wings, well 2 of mine are missin. any thoughts? ps- i took one of the hubs off and the splines and brakes look fine


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you might want to take the cover off the back of the golf cart behind the seat and look straight at the rear pully and the clutch to see if theyre lined up, i have a club car that did this and the motor was cocked to one side a little and i slid it back over, tightened it up and it was perfectly fine