hello all, i am new to the forum just joined today....a lot of good thing on here to find.

ok well this is my problem,
i just bought a 1987 ezgo golf cart 2 stroke gas, i bought it off a fello who had it sitting in the barn for about 3 or 4 years when i got it home i threw some oil down the spark plug let it sit a while then put in a new plug, fuel filter and line with fresh gas and it was running fine for the day, a day, the next day i went to move it around in the driveway and it was barly moving forward but it would move a little better in reverse, the air filter is nice and clean it does go better when the drive tires are off the ground but not much....
i am not so bright when it come to golf carts as this is the first one i have ever had but anything else i can work on just fine!!
any help would be great and a plus for me....i am willing to start learning golf carts and wanting to deal with a few more some were on down the road..



Welcome to Cartaholics.

Is the engine running or is it just cranking on the starter? If the engine is running but has no power I'd start with a compression test.
When the engine is running, i just did a compression test and it @ 95psi, what should the compression be at?
also at the moment i just had it going forward slowly tho at about 1-2 mph but when i put it in reverse it went about 5-6 mph.


Compression should be about 120. They usually start losing power when the compression gets below 100. Do a compession test in reverse, it's probably higher and that could be why it runs better in reverse.