86 EZ 244cc backfiring on de-celeration


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Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:44 am Post subject: EZ two cycle back firing....


I picked up a 86 EZ-Go two cycle gas, 244 CC that runs great but backfires during de-celeration. I replaced the carb because the throttle plate shaft was very sloppy. The governor is missing some parts and is in-op at this time.
Before the carb swap, while testing, I found that during de-celerating, it would backfire only when accelerating to high speed (yes it is fast) then taking your foot off the gas.
After the carb swap, in order to make it back fire, you have to re-accelerate a bit after getting it to high speed then it would backfire.
Is there a cable adjustment procedure? I believe I have the throttle cable back the same way it was....

As far as the governor assembly, I beleive all that is missing is the cup that bolts on the drivin clutch and the arm/spring and shaft is stiff, needs to be lubed. Gov cable looks good but it was not hooked up.

Any one have any ideas??
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Sometimes people have the throttle cable too tight and the throttle plate does not close all the way when you let up on the gas. This lets gas into the system when you have your foot off the pedal.