86 ds oil light


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I have an 86 CC DS. The low level oil light does not work and the wire at the sending unit at the crankcase is not there. I belive in making things work properly and I want to reconnect this system.
I believe the wire has been broken off and I will have to find it.
What color is this wire?
What should the connector to the end of the sending unit look like?
Where can I get a new boot/connector to go over the sending unit end?


This should be the wiring diagram you need. Let me know if it's not the right one and I'll see if I can find one for you.

Club Car Wiring Diagram


The reason why is if you were to link to the diagram over there the owners of BGW get pissed and change the picture(s) to porn. Then we have a bunch of porn over here and anywhere else the diagram got posted. It's already happened before so I had to block them. Be careful if you have any pictures over there and link to them to post on other forums.

Thanks for trying though I appreciate it.


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that BGW site has some real lowlife fellas running the show, heard of more than one guys kid gettin' a shocker with the porno deal