86 cc gas carb adjustment


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Put the new carburetor on and it fired up and runs pretty good. Did not change any linkage adjustments.
What is the best way to know the carb is set correctly?
Also can anyone direct me to a throttle linkage diagram for the 86 DS?
I think I might be missing a grommet or something aroung the nut that holds on the governor rod connector arm piece where the throttle linkage rod also connects.
It appears to have some sloppy play in it?


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It appears that I have no adjustment for the fuel flow.
I have the needle turned all the way in and the engine still screams with the pedal to the floor.
I think I might have fuel in the crank case oil now too.
What do I need to do?
Can anyone help?



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other than the low speed idle and the air mixture there are no real adjustments..............................................