85 EZGO Wiring Help Engine Cranks As Soon As It's In Gear


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I just got a 1985 EZGO with a botched wiring job and need some help straightening it out. Im trying to rewire it back to original. It currently runs but the engine cranks as soon shifting into gear instead of when the gas pedal is depressed. I feel i have looked over the wiring diagram a million times and i cant figure out why its doing this. does anyone know how the solenoid is supposed to be wired. i can hear it click when i put the positive connector on the battery. also my diagram shows a limiter switch and a micro switch i can only find one switch where the pedal linkage comes into the engine bay. Any help is appreciated!


Sounds to me like it's the micro switch on the throttle linkage. You can check it with a ohm meter. It should have no continuity in one position and continuity in the other position. It's basically a on and off switch.