85 club car wiring diagram


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Hi, my dad just go a 85 electric club car and it doesn't run, he has found one bad battery so far and checking the rest. I really need a wiring diagram to make sure no one has moved anywires around looks like they have. I also need an idea on the post of the motor to jump to test. I think it is a 36v system, since it has 6 6v batteries. thanks



Jack up the the rear of the golf cart and place on jackstands. Remove all wires from the motor. Put a jumper wire from an "A" terminal to an "S" terminal. Hook a 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery charger with 15+ amp range to the other "A" and "S" terminals that aren't jumped with the jumper.

Take a look in the Club Car resource forum here for a wiring diagram...


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I looked in the resource section and it jumps from 81-84 to 88 and up. I looked at the 84 and it isn't the same and the 88 is different. Thanks anyway for the help on the motor.