84 Yamaha G1 Gas Golf Cart Died and Now It Won't Start


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hey, new hear. basic back yard tinkerer. i have 84 g1 with starting issues. was running, pulled up and stopped to back up and park, motor stopped. soliinoids are clicking, nothing happening at starter/generator. put a jumper from battery to F2 post, turned key on hit accelerator and starter started turning over. did not try to start motor. i am guessing solinoids are ok since it turned starter over, not 100 percent sure though. anyone have any ideas on what i should be looking at?


Don`t jump anything on these!

What you did had nothing to do with why the starter turned over.

Anytime you have solenoids clicking and nothing turning over you either have a bad solenoid or a bad starter/generator or a starter cable problem. control wires ok

Most of these had the studs burn up on the starter field terminal that went to the positive terminal of the battery. ( facing the engine ).

The normally closed contact on the other solenoid could be burnt as well.

When activating the forward relay the reverse relay has current passing through the It`s closed contact.

You may think the forward relay is bad since the cart won`t turn over in forward but it could be the reverse relay that is bad. ( In normally closed position when key is in forward position).

If you do not understand this then you need to find someone who does.