84 gas club car issue still


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I have posted on here recently with various issues on my used 84 gas club car. Before I ask my question.....either a local shop or myself has replaced
almost everything relating to this issue except the excitor coil and the rev limiter (which the ground is disconnected and it runs).

That said.....it will start and run fine for 500 yards until it warms up. Then it starts to bog down. At that point, I can turn the key to OFF and it will pick back up and run again for about 200 yards....then turn key back to ON and runs again 200 yards...and so on and so on.

Knowing that the rev limiter is bad...would this contribute to the problem. Not sure that it would.

I have checked everything I know to check and am about ready to shoot this thing. I am going to start checking wires in the wiring harness one by one and see what's good or bad. It seems to me if it was a wiring / grounding problem it would be prevailent at all times...not just when it warms up.

.....and YES I have good fuel and good spark.

Anything else?


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OK...replaced the rev limiter and same issue. Going to install a new exciter coil next. Not sure what either one has to do with the off/ on deal in the NEW ignition switch.


I noticed you said you have good fuel and spark but what about when the cart quits running? You need to figure out if you lose fuel or spark, it had to be losing one.
By disconnecting the rev limiter and still having the problem eliminates it as being bad.