84 Gas Club Car Carburetor Main Jet Adjustment


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Put the new carburetor on the 84 Club Car and it runs just OK. Carbon (black) still on spark plug. Pulled the main jet out and the inner jet is stuck in outer one (see Picture). It is NEW. I have it soaking overnight and I have the old carb....so I know it comes apart. Is this the adjustment for air / fuel mixture? I have heard that you should tighten the inner jet....then back off 1.5 turns...see how she runs.....then adjust up from there. Is this correct or am I missing something? I really don't want to put the jet from the old carb in it unless I can't get the new one apart to at least clean it.


The only adjustment besides the float I know of on a Club Car carburetor is the low speed air screw on the outside of the carb.