84 gas cc flywheel nut?


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How tight should the nut on the flywheel shaft be? If I loosen it enough for the flywheel (engine) to turn over, the nut is fairly loose. If I tighten it to where I think it should be, the flywheel (engine) won't budge.


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i'm not a club car dude but something doesn't sound right there, you could rattle that nut on with a impact and break the flywheel before the engine would bind up. are you sure the flywheel is not cracked

or maybe the key is pushing back.

just guessin'


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KF82D Engine torque specs:

Cylinder head bolts 16-18 ft-lbs
Cylinder bolts 25-29 ft-lbs
Connecting rod bolts 29-30 ft-lbs
Side cover bolts 14-16 ft-lbs
Flywheel nut 60-65 ft-lbs
Spark plug 15-20 ft-lbs
Crankcase bolts 14-16 ft-lbs
Cylinder head shroud 8-10 ft-lbs
Engine mounting nuts 25-30 ft-lbs


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Gonna pull it back off this am. Something is not right. I doubt if I have put 40-50 lbs on it and it is wedged. I cannot turn the flywheel by hand like before I took it off.


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I figured it out. I put the new exciter coil small outside pickup (white wire) on backwards, thus jamming the flywheel against it when I tightened the nut. Dumb me for not paying closer attention to how the old one came off. Thanks for all of your responses.


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Well....had it running and the micro-switch under the accelerator broke...came apart and landed on the driveway. Ordered a new one a minute ago. ITS ALWAYS somethin'!!!!!!