84 ezgo 4'' lift

ez chris

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here are some photos of my front lift. its only 4" because i wanted something more practical. 20x11-8 carlisle trail wolf tires.i built a bracket to hold the shock mounts which i will be able to mount a brush guard and possibly a winch in the future. this is just mock up so this week it all comes apart. hopefully next weekend i'll have it back together. i get the rest of the parts for the rear this week as well. any input would be helpful.





Looks good.

The only thing I see that may be a problem is the caster. The spindles should be leaning back slightly and they look like they're leaning forward. Maybe it's just the pics...

ez chris

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just ran out and looked. must be the pic. because the top of the spring perches lean forward a bit and the spindles do lean back just abit. thanks for noticing that though. that's why you guy's rock.

ez chris

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here it is. front is done. rear is together but coming back apart over christmas shutdown. got some aftermarket motormounts coming from summit. I terrorized the neighborhood yesterday for a little bit. man this thing is a blast. but w/ that the safe factor goes down. so i must be carefull w/ the kids. did good in that little bit of snow but its coming down right now 2-5". that should be a test.