84 club car want move


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Hello to all and look forward to chatting...I just got an 84 36volt club car that had some electrical problems...wires shorted and battery post burnt...This is what I have done...one new battery, new battery cables, wiring, f/r limit switch and ignition...I have cleaned everything...The micro switches in the speed box work (all show oms when I click them)..all 5 selonoids test the same oms ( not sure exactly how to test them, but were all the same)....The only wire that I can find not hooked to anything is one that comes out of the speed box going to the reverse buzzer which is not on the cart. ( I assume its not necessary)...the other 4 wires go to the selonoids and one to the F/R controller.....All batteries charge up good...
Now...this is what it does....
With car jack up...when I turn the key on and in forward selonoid 1-2-3 click, 4-5 dont....then when I slowly mash on the gas pedel selonoids 4-5 click and 1-2-3 dont...
When I jump from the big post on master selonoid (first on drivers side) (only one with out coils) to big lugs on 2-3-4-5 the wheels turn...however there is a right good spark when I do that....I assume because of the higher voltage.
Please help, if anyone know what to do or what and how to test what I need to do, please let me know



If it runs when you jump the master solenoid thats probably your problem.


You say you checked all micro switches, but did you manually activate them? Check the micro switches while pushing the go pedal to make sure they activate on their own.

Which wires were shorted?