83 Melex 212 Stopped Running


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I made a trade with a neighbor for a '83 Melex 212. The cart had no batteries and needed some new cabling. I went ahead and purchased the necessary batteries and cables and had the cart running well for about 2 months.

Now I have a problem. The golf cart refuses to go forward or backwards and has stopped running completely. There was a brief period where I could wiggle the passenger seat around and get the accelerator pedal to work. Nothing happens now when I floor the accelerator or jiggle the seat.

I tried ordering a replacement microswitch and installing that. Same problem the cart does not respond to pedal acceleration. I do hear the reverse buzzer kick in when I try to go backwards.

I'm guessing that the wiper arm might have contact issues, but from what I've seen it seems to be in reasonable shape.

Any thoughts?


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I am assuming that when you press the pedal that the wheels do not attempt to move and the selenoid doesn't engage (click).

On my cart when I put the F/R switch in its normal position I have the same sympton. If i move the switch back toward the neutral position and depress the pedal I can here the selenoid engage and it runs fine. Maybe yours does the same thing. Good Luck.

I did see a Melex wiring diagram posted on this site.