83 Club Car 36V F&R Switch fire?


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I have a 1983 Club Car 36 volt and as I was driving it, I let off of the accelerator and it continued moving forward at a constant speed. I turned off the on/off switch but it continued moving! I then moved the F&R switch to Neutral but it still continued moving forward. As I pushed the brake to stop the cart, I could smell smoke so I set the parking brake and removed the seat to find flames coming from the F&R switch. I could see that there was a short in the switch and that the plastic had melted and caught on fire. I extinguished the fire and removed the battery cables. I could see that the F&R switch was cracked where the terminal on the right side connects directly to the motor and this is where i saw the glow of the electrical short.

I am wondering if I can just replace the F&R switch or if there is another issue since the ignition switch and moving to Neutral would not stop the cart. Any suggestions would be appreciated.