82 ezgo cart

i have a 82 ezgo golf cart that won't start... have installed new battery,cleaned carb,drained tank and put mixed gas back in.and replaced plug.

getting spark at the plug, engine cranks but won't start it tryes to but won't go, and is getting fuel to the carb and filter bowlany ideas? the cart has been sitting for quite awhile im sure!
serial #266458,model h0682 with a 244cc robin motor # ec25-2pg 81-11139

thanks very much for any help
correction on the compression test it was about 120psi both ways, forward and reverse!

Is there anything else i can check or ideas anybody knows, small engine not my cup of tea really
any help would be very helpful

thank you


If you have 120 psi compression, good spark, good spark plug and getting fuel the only thing I can tell you is either the carb is plugged up somewhere or the muffler is plugged. Try unbolting the exhaust and see if it starts. If that doesn't work maybe someone else has some ideas...
thanks hot rod... removed the muffler and it started right up... just gotta get carb jets and or valve twiked right.... but she runs at least!

thanks alot