81 club car


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Hi all,
new to the forum. I refurb this cart over the summer and I have a couple of questions. I bought it for $500 and sunk in about $700 so I would like to avoid putting any more money into it for awhile.

1. The charger I got with it is a lester and has a timer dail on it that goes up to 12 hours. I know most chargers have a auto shut off is that the same with this unit if not would any of you have any suggestions on how best to charge this thing.

2.When charged it seems to have a ggod speed on level roads, but going up hills to slow down quite a bit, but the speed it slows down to a steadly speed. Any clue if this is becasue it is such a old model or is this a another issue all together like the batteries which are about 3 years old?


Welcome to the forum...

What model is the charger? Does the timer dial have a auto setting?

It's normal for the cart to slow down when going up hill. You can check your battery voltage after a full charge and again after about an hour of run time and post your numbers.


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it is okay to charge the batteries for a full time cycle.check the water level first.after charging use a load tester on each battery.one bad batterry will prevent the pack from reaching full charge.if maintained,batteries should last six years. as for the hill climbing the original motor has minimal low end torque. you might think about replacing it with a GE model D-380 motor.