80 Harley Davidson Golf Cart Cuts Out


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my cart cuts out really bad when it is cold. Seems to go way better when it is in reverse, but it still pops and misses a little bit. I'm certain the fuel delivery is in good order, maybe lack of electricity or something. Let me. know if any of you guys have any ideas.


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I'd start with a compression test in forward and reverse. These engines will wear faster in forward and lose compression sooner than reverse will. It's a pretty common problem on the 2-stoke carts with engines that run both clockwise and counter clockwise.


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I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WHEN I FIRST GOT MY 1884 CART AND IT WAS JUST THE POINTS,,,,they were wore and out of ajustment for a quick fix..use some sand paper and readjust them to about 15..or 1thousands with a feeler gauge...doesnt take long to do and might save you some time and money...