8"lift then modifications come along


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OK I think I'm ready to post some pics for you all with a little help
I started with a 95 cc bought a 8" lift kit a folding windshield, rims &tires led tail lights, and a little tweeking and it was cool I went alot of paces I thought I would get stuck but I diden't thank god !!
Then at end of our camping season I decided to upgrade motor and do some other things to it also .


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How does that PT do pullin' the camper?
J/K. Nice cart, love the mud pics.
. Can you tell me a little about how you did the carbon fiber on the body? A friend of mine does a dip that will give anything that look. He can also do wood grain. they wood grain dipped the entire suspension on a quad and it looks like its all made out of sticks. I didnt know the flintstones had 4 wheelers


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Great job on the CC! Looking forward to hearing about the paint.

Muddy carts are great.....

....as long as it's someone else's!


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Hotrod I'm not sure on brand but I'll go to paper work to find out ,It dosen't say on spindles and rest of lift , I bought it fom E bay a little over two years ago but I will find out. The lift handles nicer than stock and gives nice aperance .
Matt , as far as laying out carbon fiber , sand and fill any gouges or that sorda things , prep it with a plastic cleaner ,the you can lay it out ,
you have to know what your covering and lay it out . I coulden't rap big wide corners but smaler ones I did you had to work it slow!!(with your working place warmer than normal )because it is like a big sticker and would crack persay when cold but once layed out MAN does it look tuff as
s..t . It is forgiving you can move it around pritty good. If you put on window tint it is almost the same but thicker and you can put a slip agent down to move it around to. start in the middle and work out with a squegie
or a bondo spredder something like that

OlBoy, the engine plate ; No I used the origanal one but I modified It to work, I found out where it was going to mount and made a tempate of mounting slots and moved them to where they needed to be then put it in the mill and cut new slots THEN I had to take frount mounting holes for mounts and move them outward to get full movement out of motor . I cut 1/4 inch plate drilled 3/4 holes in them 1.5 - 1.0 inch then tiged them on,
You can mig it to but I chose to tig since my father just got his fixed finaly
I'll try post a pic