7th battery?


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on a 36v cart.. 6 x 6volt.. can you add another battery wired parallel to increase
overall amps? if so... any recommendations on HOW to do it?




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On a series cart you can add a 7th battery in series and increase your voltage to 42v. It would add about 15% in speed and torque. You would also need to make sure your controller can handle the increase and you would also need to find a way to charge it.


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I added a seventh battery in series to my '92 Marathon. By moving the controller/solenoid mount back there was room for it in the center. I am using a Alltrax AXE 4844 controller and a Delta QuiQ 48 charger set for 42v. My 36v speed was 10 mph and on 42v it is 15 mph. I kept the solenoid activation coil on 36v.