73 harley three wheel PLEASE READ NEED HELP


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So i picked up a 1979 Harley three wheel from a friend about a month ago and have not been able to get it running. I have replaced the battery, brand new carb, bought a manual online and made sure spark plug was gaped correctly, and also the breaker point gap is correct. ive replaced the spark plug AND the spark coil. I have tested the spark plug wire also. i have also tested compression and it was just over 100. I have put the low carb adj to where it should be. New gas and filter. It does sputter every-once in a while, with choke, but never runs for more than a few seconds. I just dont even what is left to replace! am in need of any ideas and thoughts.

I am 15 y/o without my license yet and want to get this cart running for the summer. I do know my way around an engine (2 stroke and 4 stroke) and just dont know where to turn. I was thinking that the rings were bad, and it wasn't sucking up gas into the piston, but the compression is good. Is this possible?

One last thing.
When the person i got the cart from stopped using the cart (about two years ago), it ran. The reason they stopped using it was because the clutch has jammed up and was stuck and was "always engaged".
I took that apart and fixed it first, but now the engine doesn't run.

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Try pulling the gas line off at the carb and crank it over to see if your getting a steady flow of fuel.

Make sure none of the gas lines are cracked. Could be the fuel pump causing the problem to.


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I've ordered a new set of points, hopefully this will fix the problem.
Any other comments are greatly appreciated