'71 Chevelle Project


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Can't post pics from my tablet, but Momma got a new cts v the other day. It's identical to mine 'cept it has a back up camera.


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how ya dolng Steve ?

Heading up to your ole favorite track in Albany i a couple of weeks ,remember the NAT nations
Gonna run your old cart with two carburetors maybe a new record
Hope to meet ROD IF he makes it.


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Doing well, hope the same on your end. The ole Nat Nationals!!! What a good time! Wish ya all the best, I set up with twins, but never did run. Nubs made the shorty manifolds for it, now it's in the pulling tractor I think. Y'all should make some good #'s.


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Word on the street is you got one of them granny goin' to the store rides in the ole stable now.

Just what I here anyways....


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Lmao. Bought a '72 Nova. Just got it painted, driver while we restore the others. I'll try to get pics up. Nice piece, 350/th350, factory air. :)