70's Eagle 36 Volt Golf Cart


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I was just given a vintage "Eagle" 36 volt golf cart which is not running at all speeds. The previous owner replaced several of the 8 (total) solenoids and still could not get it going correctly. He claims that the original Westinghouse motor runs great and "goes fast" when operating properly. A wiring diagram specific to this brand would probably be the best place to start, but I assume that this may be impossible to come by. Were most of the units back then basically the same design? Should I consider upgrading the electrical to a more modern system if available (or cost effective)? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Eagle used a lot of Club Car parts. As far as I recall they were wired the same as 75-81 Club Cars.


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Hello, some of the Pargo's use 8 solenoids. Four were for the forward/reverse. Two for forward, and two for reverse. They would reverse the current flow through the field windings. The other four were for the speed control. High speed simply bypasses the resistors coils. Here is wiring diagram for the 8 solenoid pargo's. Maybe you can modify as needed to make yours work. Good luck.
Pargo Golf Cart Wiring Diagram - 8 Solenoids