6" Spindle lift Club Car


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Spindle Style 6" Golf Cart Lift Kit for Club Car

Model Numbers

1984-Mid 2003 Electric or 1997-Mid 2003 Gas Models-LKTCC20020

1982-1996 Gas Models or 1982-1983 Electric Models-LKTCC20021

Review- This is a easy lift kit to install the front end takes very little time. It reuses your stock delta a-arms and front leaf spring. It feels very solid and seems very durable. The rear install is your standard flip the spring and add a block. If you are planning to install new leaf springs in the rear now would be a good time to do it. Hopefully the bolts that hold the leaf springs are not seized to the sleaves that go between the bushings. I had some froze up so I just used a cut off wheel on a angle grinder and cut the bolts off at the bushings. Of course I had to replace the bolts and the bushings but I put in new leafs during the process and went back with Stainless steel bolts. I would also like to add that some 22" tires will rub if your Club Car has 4 I-Beams instead of the 2. To solve this you COULD get the steering stops or you could cut off the outter 2 I-Beams right in their bottom corners right where the tire would rub. This solves that problem and saves you 19.99.


Rating 9/10