6" Adjustable Lift Kit


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Plum Quick offers a fully adjustable 6" lift kit for Club Car and EZ-GO. This is a true 6" lift.

These kits enable you to adjust from 2 1/2" all the way up to 6" with a 2" forward advancement for tire clearance. The lifts are easier to install than the spindle or A-Arm lifts and will radically change the look of the front of your cart plus give you a higher front ground clearance. What makes these lift kits so unique is they will accommodate:
Stock Non-Offset Wheels with original tires - 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 5" & 6"
8" & 10" Offset Wheels with 23" Tires - 4", 5" & 6"
12" Offset Wheels with 27" Tires - 5" & 6"
One lift is all that is needed.
They are made in-house and professionally welded with gusset supports for added strength. Triple Zinc plated for maximum corrosion protection and now available with a black powder coating. The lift gives you a firm control of your cart while almost making you think it is power steering. You can adjust your camber and with the newest addition, you will be capable of adjusting your castor, just like you would do on you personal vehicle when you have it aliened.

I have personally used this lift for almost two years now and have been very hard on it. At the 2006 Bonanza I ran all the events including the Baha and did not worry about the hard turns or jumps I made with the cart. There were four of us there that chose to run these lifts and we all performed well with them without a single problem.

I have used a 6" spindle lift in the past and had absolutely no problems with it. But I can say that when I switched to the adjustable lift, there isn't any comparison between them.

The Adjustable 6" Lift is available only from Plum Quick Motors
10590 Tillman Steen Rd
Fort Mill, S.C. 29715
(803) 548-7205
(803) 548-3735 Fax

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