49 Chevy cab-over


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
outta all the places this thing could have rotted out the windshield post was the only spot otherwise it was rust free.


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That post looks pretty bad. Ya might as well scrap it. I'll give ya a hundred for it, you pay shipping.


I hate sanding. Nothing better than the smell of fresh lacquer in the morning. :rotflmao:

It looks like it's coming along nicely...


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
I hear you, Nubs. I have built a few street rods. I had one media blasted, it came back like a zippo lighter and it had that $hit in every little nook and cranny. You think you have it all and then a week later you find more. But that media blasting is the sure thing. Ever used paint remover? It works, but you have to watch out for body seams.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
ya, if a guy would drop it on a differnt running gear you'ed be fat. i'm thinkin' i'll end up with her one day and just do that. the owner is 76


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
i lied, found some more rust on the bottom of the right door. still not bad for 62 yrs old