48v to 36v controller to resistor swap


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hi' I have a question about cc 48v motor/ controller. I have a CC frame rolling chassis. it has the 48v motor and rearend in it and a bad controller. He bought this to replace an ez-go 3 wheeler with a bad rearend. and to put a 57 chevy body on.now this is my snafu he wants me to do. which i will if it will work. He wants me to pull all the electrics out of the 36 volt Ez-go and old school it in the 99 CC.
i just did this with a 36 volt hyundia cart that fried the controller. the motor was fine and when i was done it all worked out good.
but it was the same voltage. now he wants to go with 36 volt electrics to a 48 volt motor . I do not know if the motor will run as it should due to the 12 less volts?also the i dont know if there is a difference in the motors. controller setup verses resistor. I do know that he plans on using it as a 36 volt cart as he only has the charger for the Ez-go but the twist to that is he has 6-- 8 volt batteries that came with the chassis fully charged ( he charged them with his brothers 48 volt charger)they are about 32 to 34 volt across the pack and he wants to use these in his cart. Do you get the idea of my confussion in all this
I need help to figure if it will all work out. i think the batteries will as long as he charges them with the 48 volt charger but i dont know if the 36 volt to 48 volt will work. how can i check the motor to see if it will work with 36 volt resistor setup? I really might be in over my head on this one but the 57 chevy body is cool and i want to see it rolling. thanks for any help i can get on this idea. Old Cart Fart


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my advice to you is to find a way out of this deal just tell him you can,t do it........from the little i,m reading your in for a nightmare......................................


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Sounds like the budget is a problem. My take on this is if you can't put it back to CC components on 48v in a normal manner; I would do what shadowman said, run from this project, no good friendships will come from this.


I agree with shadowman and dougmcp. The 48 volt motor will run on 36 volts but it will be very slow and very low on torque.


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hi' thanks for the input.I have told him the motor will not run as it should and it would be a waste of time and effort to try and do this swap. he was a little upset, since i had just did a swap like this on the hyundia cart. After a little while common sense did prevail.
I also sent him to a cart dealer in the area that i knew so he could trade one cart or the other or both on a 4 wheel cart he could put his body on. I am a relieved as i can walk away from this one.He has someone else putting the body on. If he is ok with it I'll try to figure out how to do pics on here. and post his progress. again thanks for all the great input.