48v Suddenly Quit

Hi All, new here- not at all to forums.

I use a unkown year Club Car at work, I manage a several acre indoor/outdoor plant, it is impossible to get around the whole place in a timely manner without it. It has an aluminum "bed" on the back and some worn out front tires.

Today, I pulled up to talk to someone, went to back it up- nothing at all. Dead as a hammer. My batteries were a bit low, due to be charged, but still going OK. I flipped open the seat, some corrosion on one terminal, bad enough it had corroded the lug to the point it was about to fall off. I replaced the lug, wiggled all other connections, still no go.

I can turn the key on, press the pedal, and there is a click, it will try to go, for just a second, then nothing. This is in forward or reverse. I've found and printed the OBC reset procedure, as well as the diagram. I am going to wire brush each battery terminal tomorrow, after reading here some that seems like the next logical step.

What else should I check?


Welcome to the forum...

If cleaning the connections doesn't fix it take voltage reading on the indiviual batteries and post your results. What you describe sounds like a bad/dirty connection or a bad battery(s)...

If the cables are corroded bad you may want to replace them...
I clipped the lug off the cable- it had internal corrosion, I put a new lug on, but plan/need to replace several cables.

Great site here- lots of info!
I took each battery connection off one by one, wire brushed and cleaned each end with terminal cleaner. Problem solved!

The corrosion that developed in the last few weeks was amazing! Since the yard at work is gravel, the cart gets dirty, I wash it and the batteries regularly, I didn't notice any corrosion last time I washed it.

I am going to buy new cables Monday, many of my ends were badly weakened by the corrosion.

Is this a common problem?


Are the batteries leaking on top when you charge them? If they are the corrosion will happens pretty fast. Make sure your not overfilling them when you add water. When you get the new cables buy a can of anti-corrosion battery terminal spray and spray the terminals and cable ends after you install the new cables...