48V Frame ground on conversion, Ghost GROUND!!


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Ok guys, I need some help! I have a 48V frame ground that I can't track down. Here's what i've done so far. I realize this isn't complicated but it's like it's a ghost! I have lots of accessories hooked up so I started there. I have a 48V to 12V convertor hooked up that goes into a fuse panel then out to my, radio, winch, lights, 12V 30amp plugin. So I unhooked all the accessories and no frame ground. So then I hook them back up one by one and see which one has the short. So, as I hook them back up I find what I think is the one, leave it unhooked and walk away. When I come back, the ground is back? WTF? So, I repeat. It goes away, same ole story. But when I leave them all off, no matter how long it doesn't come back. I'm open to options here...... What else can cause a frame ground? I realize that battery acid on the frame can cause a few Volts, but not 48? Any Ideas?


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I agree with HRC. Remember, many accessories do not have their mounting isolated, so check and make sure you don't have a mounting screws touching metalic surface of the cart.


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I have seen this a few times on some older EZ-GO frames. And yes 0ver 48 -volts from the frame. I have been told this is from Carbin deposits from the motor.