48v Disaster?


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Hello from Dallas, Texas.
I have two commercial properties (self storage facilities) each one having a golf cart. Cart 1 (not an ezgo) began to exhibit low power along with very shallow charge. I was able to determine one battery had a dead cell. I know… I would have replaced all batts, but the dealer only had one in stock.
So one new battery later that cart returned to service. Shortly afterwards, Cart 2 (2000 ezgo non pds) showed signs of aging batteries so without thinking it thru, I purchased six of the same batteries as the one for cart 1. NAPA 8148 which are 8v. Now cart 2 does nothing more than click the solenoid. Apparently the ezgo takes 6v batts, but I put 8v batts in it.
Question is: should the ezgo work at all with that voltage pack, 48 vs 36?
If so, will it be okay to operate or would it cause more trouble?


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NO Click you might have fried the solenoid. Try removing one battery that will bring you down to 40 volts. See if you get your click. I hope you did not fry your 36 v stock controller. That would be expensive to replace. See if you can get a used or rebuilt one maybe on Facebook Marketplace.
What motor are you using in cart? Did you upgrade to one that can handle a 48 v supply?