48 Volt Voltage Reducer


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Hello again, I am trying to hook up a 48 volt to 12 volt voltage reducer and every time I try to hook up the negative side on the batteries I get a nasty spark. I have tried to remove all extra wires from the positive and negative post on the batteries and do not have anything hooked up to the load side of the reducer but I still get the spark. Cant understand why please help. Batteries are hooked up correctly and get a reading of 50.1 volts. Voltage reducer is a 40 to 60 volt incoming to 12 volt out.


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Could be trying to precharge capicators in the unit, hook up an incandescent lamp in series with the inverter input light should dim.
Or it’s bad

Glen Batchelor

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They all do that, as Diode said it's sucking voltage in on initial power-up. Dropping from 48 to 12 VDC requires a decent amount of effort on the device.