48 Volt EZGO Stopped Charging


I am working on a 48 volt EZGO TXTand it stopped charging.
The charger is a powerwise qe and when you first plug it into the cart it flashes green/red really fast. Then it’s a red then green and repeat.
The thing is on the three prong triangle charging plug the center wire is a gray cases wire with two small wires in it. They attach to a small black box with a ring on it. This box broke off.
I am hearing that this box controls the charging with the smart charger or something. In any case I’m told it can’t be replaced only the whole harness can.

Can I just twist the wires together because it will charge when I do that.


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There is a diode in the black box . Yes you have to change the charge module. You can get one off EBAY for about 50.00 There is a printed circuit in the back of the plug harness, I have tried twisting the wires but it does not let the charger cycle correctly, most of the time it will not turn on. These plugs do not like lightning, every time thunderstorms roll through I get call s for not charging. I also recommend unplugging charger from wall when not in use, since it draws power, I have had several knocked out by storms.


Thanks for the reply. I twisted them together for now but who knows what will happen. The owner said he wasn’t gonna buy a new harness so I said ok.