48 Volt Club Golf Cart Dead After Driving Through Puddles


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So about 4 years ago my brother was driving the 48 volt Club Car golf cart through some puddles and the cart just stopped dead. I can't remember if it clicked or made any noise when you pressed the gas. it's sat in our garage since then. we just tried to test the motor by putting a jumper from a1 to f1, and hooking the battery charger from a2 to f2. nothing happened. is there any other way to test the motor, or did I test it wrong or should I just get a new motor or what. thanks


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Well if it’s truly A and F terminals on the motor that you have a Sepex motor and you need to supply power to the F terminals and the A terminals in parallel


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
It means you tested the motor like a series motor but the terminals are saying it’s a Sepex or Parallel motor


What amp setting did you have the battery charger on when you tested the motor? If it was 10-20 amps and the motor didn't run with the test cables hooked up correctly the motor is bad.