48 volt Club Car DS


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Hi I am new here as of today. I am retired and have lived in NC all my life.
Thanks in advance for any help

I have a 1996 Club Car DS 48 volt. The car runs fine but will not charge. I tried the charger on my neighbors car and it worked fine. I have checked all fuses.
Battery Voltage #1 8.34
#2 8.35
#3 8.39
#4 8.34
#5 8.35
#6 8.35

Total voltage is 49.6. I checked all fuses and all battery connections are clean and good. I also reset the OBC using the technical note from Alltrax. It appears though that this reset procedure is for the regen style cars which mine is not.
Thanks again for any help you are able to give.


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Did you check the fuse in the receptacle?
You are at about 75% charged, have you tried someone else's charger on your cart?
You maybe have a bad connection at the charger port, barring that it may even be the OBC.


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If you are talking about the fuse on the back of the receptacle then yes I have. I tried my charger on my neighbors car but I have not tried his on mine. If I get a chance I will give it a try tomorrow. If not it will have to wait till Monday since I will be out of town. The three female connectors in the charger port look good also.