48 volt club car batteries


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Could someone please share with me their experiences purchasing replacement batteries for a 48 volt club car system. What can I expect to pay? Where would be a good supplier be located? What about brands of batteries?

Could I use 4 12 volt deep cell batteries on this cart or what about 8 6 volt batteries?

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tj, the best batteries on the market are trojans, not sure where you live so can't help with a supplier but you should be able to find them for about $125 each. I put the sams club energizers in my cart cause I didn't have the money for the trojans at the time sams club $79 each figured they would get me by for at least a couple of years. As far as using 12v, you could do that but you won't get the run time out of 12v that you get out of 8v. ie 6, 8v more lead, more lead longer running time.


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I agree, Trojans are by far the longest lasting batteries I have tried, and they seem to carry that "kick" longer than other batteries I have tried. But, they can be quite pricy. I guess it's one of those "you get what you pay for" kind of deals.



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I live in a retirement RV park in the sunny south. Seems everyone here has a golf cart and those that have replaced their batteries tend to use the Interstate brand. I have never heard a complaint but mainly praise. These carts are used daily. Hope this helps.


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We use US Batteries in all our reconditioned carts. Same amp rating as Trojan, but 4 pounds heavier. More weight, more run time. BTW US Batts are less expensive>


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New guy here but bringing wonderful news to all...

Worldwide batteries in Louisville (Trojan master distributor), KY has T-875's for $95 each (dated B/0, thats Feb 2010). Just bought some two days ago and price will be going up due to Trojan price increase.

I think they also have locations in Indianapolis, Michiana and Michigan.