48 volt 2005 club car precedent not charging


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I have a 2005 club car precedent that is not charging . The charger clicks after being plugged in but needle does not move. I tested the charger on another cart and the charger works fine on his. I was told to replace the OBC and did replace it with no resolution to the problem . I am getting 45 volts when I check the batteries and when I check them seperate I'm getting 11.4 volts . So any ideas what else it could be?


Check two things first. Make sure that the AC outlet has power and make sure the red wire from charge receptical is hooked to the correct battery.


If the charger clicks after it is plugged into the cart that is a good thing.

It is pretty rare for the charger to click (turn on) and not to charge unless the batteries are junk.

You just may need to go over all of the battery connections including the two wires going to the charge receptacle.

All connections must be clean and tight.

There should be a yellow wire with a fuse near the receptacle. Check the fuse and it`s connection.

When the onboard computer fails (for the charger) the charger will be on all the time.

1) As soon as you plug in the charger it will be on.

2) The charger will not shut off.