4 stroke vs 2 stroke


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So I know the diff in 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes, but what is difference in carts?
I assume you do not mix gas and oil in 4 stroke, but what are toher differences?
With 2 stroke you push pedal to start.........same in four stroke?
What are other advantages of one over other?


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Seems like some knowledgeable folks in here, someone knows the answers to my questions.
Appreciate any help!


Welcome to the forum.

The difference between the two is pretty much what you mentioned. The only BIG thing is the 2 stroke carts have no reverse gear. The engine runs in both directions to give you forward and reverse. Club Car never used a 2 stroke. Yamaha only used 2 strokes in their first model G1. And EZGO stopped using them around 1989. So if you did go with a 2 stroke it would be a old model and parts are hard to find for them.
In my opinion you're much better off with a 4 stroke cart.


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That is great info Hot rod carts.
I appreciate it!

I have my eye on a 4 stroke Yamaha.
If in fact I buy it, I will be a regular on here I am sure :)

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!