4 Inch Club Car Golf Cart Lift Kit


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Has anyone had experience with the Anderson County Carts lift kit for a Club Car golf cart? I'm looking at their part number ACCDS4LK. It's a 4" inch lift that says it's Heavy Duty and US made.

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Have not had dealings with Anderson County Carts, personally,but what I've read on other forums was not favorable.
I do know that Jakes makes a quality lift.


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"This kit does Require Drilling a Few Holes and Cutting the Frame to Install."

Not to mention is says Out of Stock on their website.


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Thanks for the replies. I, too, get nervous when they say cut the frame. I don't no if that means make a notch or if it means cut the thing in two pieces. I was hoping someone had used this kit. I am one who likes to able to put things back the way they were and cutting the frame in two pieces sorta precludes that. Still looking for hands-on experience though. The price is too good not to investigate.


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That is a z-lift and the dealer is not reputable according to members on another forum. I have an allsports 6 inch spindle lift Im trying to sell that was "tweaked" a little when our carts right front tire hit a tree stump. Im not going to ask much for it and its still useable. PM me if your interested.